Sunday, January 23, 2011

She's baaaaaack...

Um, hello. It's me. Remember me? Yeah, I haven't updated my blog in 6 months. Fuck! 

And, by the way, I never eventually moved to Denmark, which--if you've been following this blog--was sort of the plan back in August.

So I'm still here. I never left. I'm still hanging out in Iceland, battling fierce winds, crazy jeep drivers, and leggings-as-pants people. And petting the adorably slutty cats in my neighborhood. And making fun of Eurovision contestants. You get the point.

There's really no good excuse for not updating this blog. I mean, other than the fact that I was wallowing in indecision during the autumn months. And the fact that I have both a master's degree program to attend to plus an actual job with responsibilities and deadlines and all that jazz. Oh, and we had a few out-of-town visitors in the fall, which was pretty awesome. And I finally got to partake in the Reykjavik Independent Film Fest (RIFF) and Iceland Airwaves off-venue concerts. So, yeah. I've been plenty busy.

So why didn't Denmark work out? Long story. Let's not go there. However, I am missing out on being on the continent with easier access to other European cities and somewhat normal retail prices. And bicycling on  excellent bike-lanes.

Anyway, I missed the blogosphere and I'm glad to be back, if only in limited capacity. It's hard to keep so much sarcasm bottled up...


  1. You have a job when the unemployment is higher than 7%? That's good, right?
    Last time I was there, near Husavik we met someone who told us that there might be unemployment in Reykjavik, but up North they are desperate for school teachers and the like. Is that still true? It sounded like a good job, free housing and utilities with a decent salary...

  2. @Anon - Iceland's unemployment rate is actually better than most places in the US or Europe. I'm not sure if school teachers are desperately needed in the north, but I do know that software engineers and IT professionals are in a good position to gain employment here. Iceland is quite the techie hotspot.

  3. The Slutty Cat Madame is back..... i am purrrrrring...

  4. Glad to see more bloggers in iceland! welcome back then

  5. Yay! I am excited my favourite expat blogger is back. But somehow I get the feeling this will be the only post we'll get for the next six months. Such a tease...just like the slutty cats of Reykjavik. ;-)

  6. Glad to hear that you are working the kreppa real good! is the kreppa over yet?

  7. @Virgle - So...when are YOU going to write another new post? Hmm?
    @Sam - Hello fellow Ice-blogger! I'm digging the 'Something about Iceland' site!
    @Carrie - Just for you, my dear, I have decided to slack off my school duties to write another post--I mean, rant.
    @Gunilla - Oh yeah, baby, I'm working that kreppa! It's not quite over yet. We have many talentless politicians and businessmen over here to thank for that. ;') But hey, we still have enough cash to send someone to the Eurovision song contest so all is well.

  8. You go right ahead and pop that sarcastic cork. welcome back!

  9. You made this sullen Scandinavian smile! Welcome back!

  10. I'm an exchange student here and I feel exactly the same way about everything that you do. Like why are there so many babies/toddlers? wtf is the point of them? I feel like I wrote this blog even though I obviously didn't haha.


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